Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's not all fun and games...

I have been trying to portray a fun image of my life here in Japan for the first few entries but it's not always that fun and exciting. In fact a huge struggle that I think I'll be working on throughout my stay here is the loneliness. I am here with 24 other AETs and we all try to see each other quite a lot throughout the week, which is great, but no matter how much I hang out with people...I will always return to my empty apartment. Don't get me wrong, there are some days that I am so thankful for a place of my own but then there are other days where I just want the apartment to be packed with people!

Emily and Luke are the couple that I have grown closest to from the beginning. They are from the west coast and went to Cascade College instead of OC, which is a change of pace from all the others. We all get along quite well and I am so thankful for them and how they have taken me in as the official 3rd wheel.

Kendon, lives 2 doors down from me and is on his 4th year here in Japan. He is official my buddy in the AET program and has been showing me the ropes. Since we are so close, we often hang out after work and catch up on American tv shows such as 24.

Both of these are good options which I take advantage of quite often but there is always that something missing that only my closet friends can make up for. I believe these people will become close but it has only been a month and the bond is different at this point. I miss being able to pick up the phone and call my family or call my best friends and talk to them. I hate having to always convert the time into Eastern time and plan my morning around it. I realize that I am only one month into a year commitment but I want to express some of the difficulties that I'm facing. If you are reading this, if you could say a quick prayer that I can look to my God to be my best friend and the one that is always there. I know that He is there in my head but sometimes I forget to reach out.

Despite that depressing realization, things have begun to pick up and have been more busy. I started Japanese class at the church and one of my first grade teachers offered for me to sit in on the 1st grade Japanese lesson so my 1st graders, where I am teaching them English, they are helping me with Japanese. I feel like its a fair trade, despite the fact that I feel like a big dumb idiot! Class has become smoother and I'm beginning to enjoy the times with the kids. I thank God for all these new and fun things!


  1. Hi Chelsea:
    We are trying to get up to snuff on all this high tech stuff and having a hard time! We will enjoy reading about your life in Japan. Please know that we think of you often and you are in our prayers. We are enjoying having your Mom visit this week.
    lol, Grandma Ruth

  2. chelsea, i know EXACTLY how you feel about the loneliness!! you're right about looking to God! I will keep you in my prayers...I know you wrote this a while ago, but I just now read it :) you'll survive, and i think it'll go by quickly! when it's time to come home, you won't be ready.