Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bike Issues

The second day of Souken I woke up because of jet lag pretty early so I was able to talk to people back home for a while. When it was time to go I went outside only to find that I couldn't remember the code to my bike lock. I was getting really angry at myself because when Kendon told me the code I told myself to go inside and write it down but clearly I did not! Of course, just my luck, my landlord was standing outside this day and saw that I was struggling. He discovered the problem and offered to drive me to my school but I didn't really want to walk back at the end of the day so I refused. He then proceeds into his house and comes out w/ a saw! He wants to CUT OFF MY LOCK!!!! I couldn't believe he wanted to do and was sure that I could remember the code! I felt like a big dumb idiot! As time passed, it was getting later and later. He then went back into his house and came out with an unopened, dusty, new bike lock and offered it to me. With this now he asked again to cut it off and I had to agree because I had to get to work! So he just sawed off my lock and I went about my day. Very embarrassing!!

Second story--I went to the train station to catch the train and I parked my bike alongside all the other bikes. When I got back I found a note on my bike but couldn't read it because it was in Japanese so I just thought I would go about my way. NOPE! There was another lock on my bike which was not mine chaining it to the bike rack. I then had to gather that this note I had was telling me that you had to pay to park YOUR BIKE! HOW SILLY!!! So I had to go talk to the 3 old men in the booth and explain to them that I didn't speak/read Japanese which they gathered quickly when they spoke to me in Japanese and I just looked at them. That pretty much sums up my life here so far!!! My bike and I have had many stories to share already and its only the first week. More to come I'm sure!!!!


  1. haha sounds like germany. you have to pay to do everything. including use the toilet. but yeah, we've gotten in trouble a few times for not knowing how to speak/read german! you'll catch on quickly!!

  2. I love your blog. you're so good about updating. i'm proud.

  3. Darlin' girl,

    Keep these stories coming. It lets us know how to pray, not only for you, but for those that God puts in your path.

    I thank God for continuing to use us BDI's including me.

    Love you!