Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It has been raining all week so you know what that means!?!? I am in my rain suit everyday riding my bike to school. Why do they call it riding when you have to do all the work? That's not riding at all! I will be glad that I have my bike and that I actually ride it because what I eat after school is not quite that healthy! The burning in my legs every morning and night are probably for the best!!!!
Today (Wednesday) it downpoured ALL day from 8-3! I watched it come down all day from the teachers room in awe. Normally in the States it will let up sometimes but not here. It is CONTINUOUS! So my Kocho sensei (Principal) called me to his desk today after class and showed me his computer. He was looking at the weather and explained in his broken English that they were expecting 3mm of rain from 3pm-6pm so he wanted me to go home at 3. I sure wasn't going to complain so I said thank you and sat back in my desk. When he left, in Japanese, he was sure to tell me to be careful on my way home. He was really worried! SO at 3, I left. Now today I rode my scooter to work because I wasn't feeling great. So I was driving home and came to part of the road that was completely covered in water. I decided this time wasn't a great time to test out my scooter surfing skills...don't worry mom! I made it home safely and a friend is coming to pick me up for church tonight! :)

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  1. Good thing you can swim, you lifeguard you!!