Monday, April 19, 2010

The scooter adventure!

So I needed to get to church and so Kendon allowed me to take his second scooter (which he sold to me later.) He was very nervous about me taking it but don't worry Simon and I rode them in Rome and if I can survive that I can survive anything...right?

Well....about the second turn I almost didn't make it. I was following him and didn't realize he was turning and so by the time I got my scooter to turn I almost ran into a pole...but no worries I didn't! The ride to the church after this incident went well. We scootered all around Mito to introduce me to the roads and to get adjusted to riding the scooter. And then Monday on my first day of work...when at City Hall getting my aliens visitor card I also officially changed the scooter into my name. So I am now the proud owner of a scooter!

First day of training was good. We spent the majority of the day at city hall filling out paperwork but boy did I look good in my suit! Suits everyday this week while at Souken. woo!


  1. i know ur probably busy and trying to settle in, but we need some pics! haha have fun chelsea! i love hearing about ur adventures!