Saturday, April 24, 2010

First week mistakes...

I know that you all have things to do and don't need to read 12 pages written about my life so my goal is to keep these stories as short as possible for quick reads.

First- this week was a week of training at Souken (which is the Board of Education for English basically) It is required at Souken to wear suits so everyday this week I had a suit on which is weird to begin with. Secondly all of the suits that I bought are skirt suits and until my school approves it I have to ride my bike to Souken and to school. SO everyday this week I have to ride to Souken with track pants on and then when I get there I have to change into my suit. If that isn't dumb enough the first day I decide I would look good with heels so picture me riding my bike 15 mins with track pants, suit jacket and heels!!! Needless to say I'm so hot when I get there. BUT not as hot as when you have to wear your rain suit because its raining!!! Those things don't breathe AT ALL! The thing is...the japanese people give you rain suits to wear on your bike but they won't wear them. They would rather walk in their normal clothes with an umbrella instead. They just allow me to look like an idiot which is typical for me I think!

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