Saturday, April 17, 2010

I finally made it...

So I finally made it to my apartment and finally got to go to sleep. After my 13 hour flight, we had to wait at the airport for everyone to arrive and then took a 2 hour bus ride to Mito City. We got off the bus only to find it about 35 degrees and raining. I hadn't expected it to be freeeeezing outside so I was quite cold in my toms and t-shirt.

I have a buddy named Kendon who has been in Japan for 3 years and lives right down the way from me. He picked me up and hauled all my junk to my apartment for me. Now I've already told you that I was self conscious about how much I packed and now I'm looking at my apartment and regretting bringing so much! Hopefully it all fits. Kendon has been a great help to me already. Saturday after I tried to sleep in but then woke up at 7am I started to unpack and then we went on our tour of Mito.

We went to sushi with some of the other AETs, then went to the supermarket right down from my apartment. After that we went furniture shopping for a bed for me. Now I have futons **which are mattresses** but not a bed frame. I'm working on doing some research on the best one for me. He has been great giving me advice and showing me the things that I need to know for when I am let lose on my own when he travels to America in a couple of days. Great! I'm getting my wings so early...I'm not sure if I'm ready. I'll keep you updated!

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  1. How exciting!! That's so great you have a friend there to show you the ropes. keep the updates coming. i"m sure you'll be talking about the hotties next time. hehehe