Friday, April 30, 2010

My first holiday

Yesterday, Thursday, was a holiday. Don't ask me what for or which one because I have no idea. I just accepted it and went on. I was planning on going to the only mexican place around with a bunch of the AETs for lunch. I woke up late and was just wondering around my apartment looking for something to do (which doesn't take long because its not that big) when I get a knock on my door. Now lets be honest in saying that I haven't made many friends here yet so I normally don't know who is knocking at my door. It turns out it is my landlord who lives in the house next door and is a really nice old man. His wife and daughter went to Tokyo for the day and just thought that since Kendon isn't around he would take me to lunch. REALLY sweet except I already had plans but I couldn't say no. So I went to lunch with my landlord and during that time they dropped by to pick me up and I got left. It was fine because I didn't want them to wait on me but I was a little disappointed.
I then get a call from another group of AETs that are going on a scooter adventure. Now I love food but I love an adventure more so I hopped on my scooter and zipped over to their house. We took off to Kasama which is famous for pottery but it was so nice out we just wondered the mountain roads on scooter. We were passed by many a car and tried to scooter up a hiking trail but didn't quite work. We stopped at azalea hill known for the blooming of TONS of azalea bushes. The hill turns pink when they all bloom but unfortunately we were about a week too early. Some blooms were out but most needed just a little bit more time. The day went by quickly but it was a good day. I can't tell you how fun it is to scooter around. To have the wind blowing everywhere and the smells of creation surround you. It's amazing!!! We stopped by a random coffee shop that was in a old train car with creative artwork and shoes being sold nearby. You never know what you will find in Kasama, Japan! As we scootered home at dusk it started to get chilly so we stopped and grabbed the car for dinner.
There were several moments yesterday where I thought about how crazy it was that I was riding scooters in Japan. Not only that but the fact that I am living the Japan for the next year. There have been times in the last two weeks I have been tempted to count how many days until I get to go home but yesterday wasn't one of them. I did think, however, of how I would describe the day on my blog so that all the people I love could be apart of it. There is nothing that I would want more then to have all of you share in my adventure here with me. I think of you often and wish that you could be here with me! But until then...I'll keep writing and keep describing the best I can!


  1. Sounds like a blast! Don't you love random holidays that no one can explain to you? haha.

  2. Final confirmation that you are MY child....wind in the hair, scooter on the mountain....NOTHING better than that unless it was trails in the woods after a downpour which I understand you have your choice of there in Japan.....

  3. Hey, Chelsea, April 29th is Showa no hi (Showa is the previous emperor and this was his birthday).

    May 3rd is Kenpō kinenbi (Constitution Memorial Day), celebrating the creation of the Japanese constitution, I believe.

    May 4th is Midori no hi(Greenery Day, Showa really enjoyed nature and green things, so a holiday was made to celebrate).

    And May 5th is Kodomo no hi (Childrens Day), a day celebrating children.

    Put together all these holidays make up what is commonly known as Golden Week. That is the name that most people will use and is good to remember. ;)

    Laura H...